Board of Directors

Theresa Neuroth – President

Theresa Neuroth is an advocate for the sustainable development in Senegal and the developing world. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Theresa has experienced not only the hardships that exist in these areas, but the joyfulness of life. She served in the Peace Corps from 1994 to 1997 in Kounkane, Senegal, primarily working with women’s groups. As a volunteer she saw the power created by enabling and educating the citizenry. Theresa earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Chaminade University and a Master’s degree in Non Profit Management from Regis University. She has been involved in the communities where she has lived volunteering at the local library, teaching adults how to read and volunteering with the elderly. She has enjoyed collaborating with DSHF, knowing that education will provide opportunities for the Senegalese to improve their lives. Theresa also advocates broadening the culture experience of U.S. and Senegalese citizens that she encounters, thereby advancing an enhanced understanding and encouraging a peaceful future.

Emma LaChance – Vice-President


Linda Rebrovic – Treasurer


Gayle Lammers – Secretary


Mohamadou Cisse – Advisory Board

Mohamadou was born and raised near Dakar in Bargny, Senegal, and came to the United States in October 1990. He has been in Colorado since February 1992, living here with his wife, Fatou, and his children, Abdoulaye, Ibrahima, Khadidiatou and Sekhou. Mohamadou earned a B.A. in Communications from Regis University in 2004. He also received an honorary doctorate degree in Humane Letters from the Denver Institute of Urban Studies in 2010. He is dedicated to the education of children through his own organization, African Heritage Celebration, as well as through his support of DSHF.
Mohamadou became involved with the village of Diorbivol after accompanying the body of Oumar Dia home after his murder in Denver in 1997. His later participation in the 2003 International Medical Relief trip to Diorbivol introduced him to the core group that would ultimately become the Denver-Senegal Humanitarian Foundation. During DSHF’s humanitarian visits to Senegal, Mohamadou provides tremendous assistance by arranging transportation, lodging in Dakar and acquiring various incidentals. In years when there is no DSHF delegation traveling to Senegal, Mohamadou makes the trip there on DSHF’s behalf to purchase school supplies and transport them to the village.