Our Purpose and Goals

DSHF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, aspires to make a lasting impact in Diorbivol, Diaocounda, and other villages through enabling the villagers to sustain a higher standard of living with clean water and better education.

DSHF’s purpose is to specialize in the enhancement of the education of Senegalese students and the distribution of humanitarian aid for the area of Diorbivol, Senegal.

The goals of DSHF are to: provide school supplies and teaching aids for Senegalese students, provide scholarships and support for higher education, provide humanitarian aid for the village and surrounding area, educate others about Diorbivol and the needs of developing countries, and provide opportunities for others to support this mission.

Since its establishment, DSHF has maintained steady annual operating revenues, and provided aid on a sustainable, recurring basis. DSHF has also identified development needs that far outstrip the organization’s current revenue stream, compelling the organization to identify means to expand resources, and in so doing, work with a broader section of the needy populace of Senegal.